Statement of Values

LB492: Water and Society Senior Seminar

12184985_10100586074533864_4852837015526961179_oLake Michigan, Photo by Dr. Sara Fingal

Statement of Values:

As a class, we read Lisa Spiro’s work, “This is Why We Fight: Defining the Values of the Digital Humanities” and discussed a list of important values for our course website. Below is the list that we compiled together.

  1. Awareness of biases
  2. Foster conversation
  3. Collaboration
    1. Co-creating work
    2. Create a community of practice
  4. Openness — willing to share experiences
    1. Engaging in a public dialogue
  5. Confronting Digital Divide
    1. Analyzing uneven access
  6. Collegiality
    1. Exchange ideas and build knowledge
  7. Interdisciplinary Ideas
    1. Bridging diverse fields
    2. Bringing together different ideas related to Water and Society
    3. Breaking down the broader topic of Water and Society